Hey y’all! So who is excited that Fall is officially here? I have two hands raised right now. I have been eagerly waiting for it to be socially acceptable to wear all things Fall while drinking my pumpkin spiced latte. Summer is my favorite, but Fall is very close behind.

Today I’m going to share an adorable transitioning into Fall outfit. I partnered up with Hazel and Indigo and did a try on session with them and I loved everything! I’ll share everything eventually, but just one outfit for today. Keep reading for a discount!


So I have never been a huge fan of camo. I know it has been rising again the past couple of years, but I never really gave it a try. Now that I have, I am in love! This camo dress is a light weight almost t shirt material. It is super comfortable! It has 3/4 sleeves and pockets! You had me at pockets, am I right?


I think that this denim jacket is the perfect addition to the dress. I love that this jacket has a distressed look. It would pair well with lots of looks! A denim jacket is a staple everyone needs to have in their closet!


I believe that this outfit was perfectly complete with this necklace! I love that it is not heavy and its a simple statement piece for any outfit.


The shoes and the smaller necklace were already mine. I got the shoes last year At Meli’s Boutique in Kennett, MO and the necklace is from Charming Charlie’s!

Interested in the outfit for yourself? Go to Hazel and Indigo’s instagram page and send a direct message saying specifically what you would like. The owner is fabulous and she can hold an item at the store or she can ship to you! The good news is that if you mention my code, you can get 30% off! My code is meg30. You can find Hazel and Indigo’s instagram here.

Thanks for reading guys! Have a blessed day!


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