Sweater Weather

Happy New Year y’all! I took a mini break from blogging for Christmas and New Year’s, but 2019 is here and I have tons of ideas that I’m excited to share throughout this year.

January is here and that means we are in full on sweater weather! Today I am going to share different sweaters for you guys! Almost all of these are under $50 and can be bought online!

Light Weight Color Block (multiple color options) $20.88

Light Weight Sweater (multiple color options) $20.99

Oversized Sweater (multiple color options) $39.97

Cable Knit Sweater (multiple color options) $37.98

Loose Turtle Neck Sweater $33.90

Rust Colored Sweater $46.00

Pink Sweater $40.00

Fuzzy Sweater $48.00

Color Block Sweater $48.00

Color Block Sweater $50.00

Open Back Sweater $48.00

Distressed Detail Sweater $42.00

Off The Shoulder Sweater $44.00

Layered Sweater $44.00

Confetti Blush Sweater $52.00

Striped Sweater $44.00

Distressed Color Block Sweater $58.00

Cropped Sweater (multiple color options) $49.95 (on sale for $19.98!)

Fuzzy Charcoal Sweater $44.00

Distressed Color Block Sweater $49.00

I know that was a ton of sweaters, but I think that is because sweaters are one my favorite things to wear in the fall and winter. The description under each photo is a link that will take you directly to that website. These sweaters are from several different places and they all have more than what I showed. I just picked my favorites!

Hope you guys enjoyed this guide! If there is a specific guide or something you’d like for me to put together, please let me know. I love doing this! Thanks y’all! Have a blessed day and happy shopping!


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