St. Patricks Day

Hey y’all! Happy Sunday! I hope you remembered to reset your clocks. I saw someone mention that we shouldn’t look at it as losing an hour of sleep, but losing an hour of Winter. Amen to that! I am so ready for Spring! Warm weather and flowers are calling my name!

But, before Spring gets here we have St. Patricks Day. LUCKY you, today I am going to share different outfits that will be perfect for St. Patricks Day no matter how you are celebrating!

Green Dress $54.00

Go Pinch Somebody Else $26.00

Green Floral Blouse $38.00

Shamrock Tee $26.00

Striped Jumpsuit $60.00

The Paddy Don’t Start $26.00

Striped 3/4 Sleeve Top $24.99

Rainbow Sweatshirt $32.00

Polka Dot Dress $21.99

Irish Today $26.00

Green Jumpsuit $19.96

Shenanigans $28.00

Fringe Sweater $31.99

Lucky Varsity Tee $26.00

Light Green Sweater $39.98

Button Dress $44.00

Well, that’s all for now! I hope you found this guide useful! Let me know if you have any requests! Happy shopping and have a blessed day!




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