Teeth Whitening For Sensitive Teeth

Have you ever tried any teeth whitening products before? I have only done whitening tooth paste before. I have always considered trying strips or going in and having it professionally done, but I just never got around to it. This summer things changed though. I partnered with Smile Brilliant and loved every step of the way!

Three Reasons to give Smile Brilliant a try

  1. Fit for YOUR teeth
    I was pleasantly surprised by how personalized Smile Brilliant makes it. They don’t just send you some strips to put on your teeth and you don’t have to go anywhere either. I was able to have impressions made of MY teeth that fit so perfectly.
  2. Comfort of YOUR home
    Having the trays fit so perfectly to my teeth was nice, but not having to leave was even better. It was so convenient that I did not have to go anywhere or anything. I was able to put my trays in and relax away or work away. Some nights I sat back and watched The Batchelor. Other nights I worked on lesson plans and planning my outfit for the next day.
  3. It is more than JUST whitening
    I was worried about sensitivity because my teeth can get pretty sensitive. Luckily, they offer a desensitizing gel to help prevent that. I also appreciate that is a long term change. The process involves removing any stains on the teeth. My teeth were pretty stained from all the coffee and wine I like to consume.

Here are my results!


Interested in trying Smile Brilliant out yourself? Click here to enter a FREE kit (valued at $149!)

You can also get 15% off store wide using the code: trendypeach15!

Tooth Whitening Gel


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