10 Reasons to Try Pure Barre


Hey Y'all-4

Are you one of those people that enjoys working out? Props to you if you are. I have never been one of those people until a few months ago when I was introduced to Pure Barre. Now I am one of those crazy people that looks forward to a little sweat session and it has become almost therapeutic for me.

I was introduced to Pure Barre last Spring by a good friend of mine. She kept posting on instagram about it and talking about how much she was loving it. I was tired and bored of going to the little gym at my apartment complex, so I asked my friend about Pure Barre. She talked me into going to a class with her to just try it. IT KICKED MY “SEAT.” But I loved it and heres why:

  1. It’s For Everyone
    A lot of people think that you have to have some sort of dance background to be able to enjoy Pure Barre. False. The only moves I have are the dance moves to “Baby Shark.” Pure Barre is not a dance class, but feel free to get funky with those hips if that is what you’re feeling!
  2. Small Movements, Big Changes
    The Pure Barre class is meant to use small isometric movements to create long and lean muscles. Each class targets your arms, thighs, seat, and abs. There is no skipping leg day in Pure Barre. Pure Barre’s motto is Lift, Tone, Burn. That is exactly what you can expect during a class. Lift your muscles, tone your body, and burn, burn, burn.
  3. The Instructors Are There For You
    Every Pure Barre instructor teaches class in their own ways and styles and I love every single one of them that I have taken class with. The instructors are so motivating and encouraging. They help you correct your form, they push you if they know you aren’t quite giving it your all, and they are always available for questions. They have never made me feel shameful or embarrassed. They make me feel empowered and welcome.
  4. Embrace the Shake
    All my life I have always been embarrassed to shake while working out. I didn’t want people to think I am weak or that I can’t keep up. In Pure Barre, they have taught me (and everyone) to embrace the shake. One of the instructors said in her microphone one class, “if you are shaking, then it’s working.” That stuck with me. The instructors will actually congratulate you on a nice shake and encourage you to find your shake if you’re not there.
  5. You Get to Hang Out With Your Friends
    Since becoming a “regular” at Pure Barre, I have met and developed a lot of relationships with the other women there. We even get together outside of the barre!
  6. There is Always Something to Celebrate
    It feels like we are always celebrating something at Pure Barre. We celebrate birthdays, milestones, holidays, challenges, and more! I reached 100 classes over the summer and felt like a rockstar. It has me motivated to push for the next milestone, 250. The challenges are my favorite though. This summer they had a summer challenge and we were all challenged to do 40 classes within 60 days. I loved that it kept me motivated to keep going throughout the summer. I ended up doing 62 classes in 60 days!
  7. Confidence
    I have always been timid to workout in front of other people. I get scared that they are judging me for whatever reason. Thanks to Pure Barre, I don’t worry about that anymore. I have learned to be confident in myself and go for it. My confidence boost has helped me push harder and stay in that plank longer or to tuck a little harder.
  8. It’s Ok To Modify
    There are so many people in class that have to modify some of the movements, even teachers. That is ok! Whether it be a recent surgery, a bad knee, or not quite there yet, people make modifications to the movements all the time. If you aren’t sure how to make a proper modification to still target the correct area, just ask the instructor! They are used to it!
  9. There are Different Forms of Class
    There are three forms of class for three different styles. The classic class is what I recommend starting with. It is focused on small movements. Pure Empower is my favorite though! Empower is more cardio focused. It is more fast paced and bigger movements. The third class is Pure Reform. Reform is strength focused. Definitely give all three a try!
  10. It is 55 minutes of You Time
    After a long day of teaching, I go straight to Barre and get in my zone. All my stresses are out the window and I am able to focus on myself and my movements. It is easy to let everything go during Pure Barre. I try to do about five classes a week. If it has been a few days because I am on vacation or something, I find myself craving some Pure Barre time. Once I found myself craving class, I knew I found my thing. Because a few months ago, never have I ever craved a workout. 

    Honestly, the list of reasons to try Pure Barre could keep going and going. These 10 reasons were the biggest ones to hit home with me though. Let me know if you are going to give it a try or if you already go!
    Hey Y'all-11

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