Spring Wedding Guest

Happy first day of Spring! I don’t know about y’all, but I have been counting down to this day since New Year’s! I am not a fan of Winter. Winter is just so gloomy and cold and I am so not about it. Give me all the sunshine and flowers!

With it officially being Spring, that brings on its own season. Wedding season! I know that figuring out what to wear to a wedding can be difficult, so that is why I am going to share a guide on the perfect dresses/outfits to wear to a Spring wedding!


Yellow Lace Dress $44.00

Pink and Gold Dress $48.00

Mint and Gold Dress $48.00

Navy Floral Print Dress $48.00

Navy Criss Cross Straps Dress $52.00

Pink Beachy Dress $42.00

Orange Floral Maxi Dress $56.00

Coral Maxi Dress $52.00

Faded Plum Maxi Dress $58.00

Lilac Twist Back Dress $46.00

Peach Twist Back Dress $46.00

Floral Maxi Dress $58.00

3/4 Sleeve Maxi Dress $44.00

Lilac Lace Dress $54.00

Seafoam Lace Dress $44.00

Navy Short Sleeve Dress $19.99

Lace Midi Dress (several color options) $24.90

Navy Off Shoulder Dress $18.99

Blush Layered Dress  (color options available) $20.99

Green Floral Tie Straps Dress $26.99

Blush Heels $42.00

Taupe Heels $44.00

Brown Heels $38.00

Wedges $39.00

That concludes today’s guide! I hope you enjoyed! Happy shopping and have a blessed day.





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