Savannah, GA

Hello, hello! Can you believe it is May?! Time is flying by!

So, last week I went to Savannah, GA for a few days for my spring break. Let me just say, I am ALREADY trying to find a time to go back! It is so cute and fun there. There is so much history and SO MUCH southern charm! We walked just about every where and there are tons of gorgeous shady parks all over the place.

Let me share exactly what we did! (We, as in, my beloved photographer and I.)

So, when we first got to Savannah we walked around a little bit. There are so many gorgeous Spanish Moss Oak trees. I felt like I was walking in one of those adorable Nicholas Sparks books/movies.


After walking around a little while, we went to have lunch at Vic’s On The River. The service was wonderful, the food was amazing, and we will definitely be going back! We sat near a window overlooking the river. We each ordered a glass of house wine and they were very reasonably priced and yummy! For an appetizer, we ordered their crawfish beignets and they were amazing. I am pretty sure they are even award winning. They also served biscuits with honey butter and orange marmalade. The orange marmalade was delicious! Kristopher ordered fried shrimp, Cole slaw, and French fries. He said the shrimp was great! I had filet mignon, asparagus, and parmesan truffle French fries. It was so good! I think my favorite thing about Vic’s On The River is that they are mostly a farm to table restaurant.

After lunch we continued to walk around. We explored River Street and we were amazed by the amount of things happening there. There were so many shops and restaurants. We walked along the river until landing on our next destination.


Next we went a dolphin cruise. It was so much fun! We started along the river and learned some history of Savannah. We made our way out to the ocean and then back. It is about two hours long. We saw several dolphins, too!


After the dolphin cruise we went to our hotel. We stayed at The Alida. The Alida was the cutest boutique hotel! It was downtown and in walking distance to everything. The interior was gorgeous and the service was great! I will say that the beds were very comfortable, too. I loved that they have a rooftop bar and cabanas at the pool. I felt like I was at a resort!


We were offered a glass of champagne as we checked in. Officially my new favorite hotel all because of that!


The rooftop bar had amazing views and was so lively. They also have a restaurant that we did not get a chance to check out.


I highly recommend staying at The Alida Hotel.

For dinner, we walked through down town and went to a place called The Grove. The Grove was very trendy and the food was great! They also have a rooftop bar. We wanted full plates, so we ate on the main floor. For an appetizer we ordered the Cajun Angels, which are bacon wrapped shrimp with their house BBQ sauce. SO GOOD! Kristopher ordered The Hudson Club and mashed potatoes. I ordered The Grove Burger with Honey Drizzle Fries. The fries were drizzled with honey jalapeño sauce. They were so different and delicious!


The next morning we headed straight to Tybee Island (about 20-30 minutes away) for a day at the beach. We got there early and got great parking. The beach was beautiful and I am ready to go back!


After being there for a few hours, we walked to a restaurant called Spanky’s. It had a nice ocean view and a great casual vibe. We both ordered their chicken tenders and fries. The chicken tenders were amazing! Definitely a recommendation!


After lunch, we went back to the hotel and napped. All that walking around and sun had us exhausted!

For dinner, we had reservations at The Olde Pink House. It is a restaurant with so much history and the food is amazing! I have two favorite things about The Olde Pink House. First, is that it is a beautiful old home that is PINK. Second, is the drink I ordered is called The Pink Lady. It was SO GOOD. It is an alcoholic lemonade. It had my name written all over it! For food, Kristopher ordered the pan seared salmon. It came with horseradish whipped potatoes and cucumber dill salad. He said it was incredible! I ordered the grilled pork tenderloin with bourbon molasses. It came with a sweet potato with pecan vanilla butter and collards. I am nearly drooling right now just thinking about how good it was!


After dinner we walked around down town a bit and sat in a beautiful shady park.

We went for dessert at a dessert bar called Lulu’s. Kristopher had a *hard* root beer float and I had the Lulutini. It was a delicious chocolate martini. It was so yummy! We also split a ginormous slice of a chocolate chip cookie and had it with homemade ice cream. Everything was amazing!


The following day was the last day. We walked around down town some more and came across the cutest place called The Paris Market. I got myself my usual iced latte and Kristopher got a frozen hot chocolate. Once we saw they have macaroons, we just had to get some! They were the best we have ever had!


We then walked around some more until lunch time.

For lunch, we went to Treylor Park. Treylor Park might be my favorite restaurant we went to. It is very trendy and it is very unique. We had a whole mess of different foods to share. We had the Treylor Park Nachos Grande. That consisted of waffle fries, pickles, fried chicken, bacon, cheddar cheese w/ chive ranch and balsamic gastrique. They were amazing! Another thing we shared was PB&J chicken wings. To be honest, I was very hesitant to try these. Peanut butter and jelly on chicken?! But I am so glad that I did try them! They are incredible! They are made in a peanut/pecan butter and peach jelly sauce. So unique and so good! We ALSO tried the chicken and pancake tacos. These are tacos that are made with a pancake as the shell. They have fried chicken, chili aioli & strawberry salsa. Perfect mix of sweet and savory. They were amazing! Lastly, we tried shrimp and grits tacos. ALSO AMAZING!
Even our drinks were incredible! Kristopher had a drink called the wicked kiwi. It had a kick to it. It is good if you want a drink with some heat. I had  the cactus pear margarita. It was fruity and delicious! HIGHLY recommend checking out Treylor Park!


After lunch, we had to walk off our food comas with two big boxes of leftovers! LOL!

After some walking around some, we took our last stop at the world famous Leopold’s ice cream! You know it’s good when there’s a line out the door!


Leopold’s was so good! I am ready to go back for more! They are WELL worth the wait. I am so glad to know that they ship across the country. I just might have to order some now!


Well guys, there ya have my guide to Savannah! I am so ready to go back. If you have any recommendations that I didn’t make it to this time, leave a comment and let me know!

Have a blessed day!


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