Charlotte Date Night Restaurants

Calling all Charlotte area people or anyone visiting! I have been scoping out different restaurants in Charlotte this summer and I have picked some of my favorite places to share with you. These places are all perfect for a date night with your loved one! Some are small and quiet and some are upbeat and fun! I love them all!

Napa On Providence
110 Perrin Place
Charlotte, NC 28207


Napa On Providence is amazing! The food is incredible. We were spoiled by the two chefs and blown away by everything they prepared. We started with a charcuterie board with various cheeses and meats. My favorite piece of it was the house-made granola. We then had a couple of small plates. We had sautéed calamari and pork belly wontons. Both were to die for! The calamari was light and refreshing and the wontons were packed with flavor. Next, we had pan seared scallops. This dish was AMAZING. The scallops were cooked perfectly! It consisted of three scallops with corn couscous, crispy prosciutto, tomato, and arugula. SO GOOD! We also had a dish called truffle agnolotti. I learned all about truffles when this was served and was amazed. Then I tried a bite, and WOW. Definitely a must try! Lastly, to top it off, we had s’mores. The s’mores came with house-made brioche bread, chocolate spread on the bread, house-made marshmallow, and a fire ON OUR PLATE to roast our own marshmallows. This was by far the coolest experience I have had at a restaurant!

The Stanley
1961 East 7th Street
Charlotte, NC 28204


We had two small dishes at The Stanley and both were really good! The menu changes daily, but everything they have to offer is bound to be delicious! One of our dishes consisted of pickled shrimp, melon, pickled fennel, fennel flower, fennel pollen, and strawberry dust. A shorter way of describing it is: SO GOOD. We also had a peanut butter and jelly Foie Gras. That was a first for me and it was very good!

Primo Prime
116 Middleton Drive
Charlotte, NC 28207


Primo Prime is an adorable Italian restaurant. It is so cute, cozy, and romantic. We had three dishes there and I have been craving them ever since! While we were there we had Buffalo Mozzarella which consists of fresh buffalo mozzarella de campagna, fresh tomato on the vine, basil,  and aged balsamic reduction. This is perfect for a hot summer day and you are wanting something light and refreshing! We also had Capellini Caprese. This dish was homemade capellini, fresh mozzarella, grilled shrimp, cherry tomatoes, and a balsamic glaze. This was my favorite of the three dishes we had. It is light, but still filling like pasta should be. The third dish was Rigatoni all Salsiccia. This had Italian sausage, mushrooms, green peas, and creamy tomato sauce. The sausage was so good! Not spicy or anything, JUST RIGHT.

Rosemont Bar
1714 South Blvd
Charlotte, NC 28203


Rosemont Bar is the perfect place to go to for a fun date night. The food is better than bar food. We tried three items from the snack menu and three drinks. Everything was great! I think my favorite thing about Rosemont Bar is that they have adult Capri Suns and they are only $6. They come in a few different flavors. I tried the Peach Ring because well.. I mean I’m the Trendy PEACH! It was so good! I got to try Kristopher’s drink order and he ordered the Frozemont Slushie. THIS WAS SO GOOD. It had Cheerwine, Captain Morgan, and Amaretto in it. Side note – Cheerwine is probably the best thing about North Carolina. It is cherry flavored soda and you have to try it if you haven’t already! The last drink was an alcoholic milkshake. I got the birthday cake one and it definitely tasted like a birthday! So yummy! For food we had spicy BBQ wings, spicy chicken dip, and fried chicken and waffle fries. Everything was delicious! The spicy chicken dip was my favorite!

500 East Morehead
Suite 100
Charlotte, NC 28202

Capishe is the perfect place for a casual date night with the perfect view of uptown. If I worked in the area, I’d easily be there every day after work. Everything is so yummy and affordable! We had a San Lorenzo pizza, rigatoni with chicken, and meatballs. Everything is worth bragging about, but we agreed that our favorite is the rigatoni with chicken. The noodles are homemade and you can tell! We ended our dinner by sharing a cannoli. So yummy! We definitely plan on going here when we go to the games in Uptown.

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