First Blog

Hey y’all! Welcome to The Trendy Peach! This is my first time blogging, but it is something I have been wanting to do for a while now. This blog is going to be mostly about fashion, but I will also post occasionally about food and/or traveling. My boyfriend, Kristopher, and I are always going to new places and whipping up new meals!

On The Trendy Peach I plan on posting weekly with my outfits and I will be telling all the details you might want to know. (Of course I will include pockets, because who doesn’t love pockets?!)

So let’s get the fun started!


I recently purchased this top from Aqua B Boutique in Mooresville, NC (home for me). First, if you don’t know me already, you will quickly learn that I LOVE the color pink. It is just so bright and fun! It always puts me in a cheerful mood!

This top is very comfortable, flowy, and lightweight. It has a thin material, so I suggest wearing a cami underneath it. It is super cute for the spring or summer seasons, but I might throw it on with some jeans later on, too! Pink never goes out of season in my eyes!

I bought this adorable top in store for somewhere between $35-$40. I can’t find this top on their website, but they do have similar items! Check out Aqua B here!

As far as the rest of my outfit goes, I got my sandals at Target. You will quickly see that I buy a ton of my daily stuff from Target. They are just the best! When I bought these sandals, they had a BOGO 50% off sale going on at the time. So of course I bought them! Doesn’t a sale mean it is mandatory to buy them? I don’t recall how much I purchased them for at the time, but they do still have them currently. They are on their website listed for only $19.99. They have them in multiple colors, too!
Buy the sandals here!

The shorts I am wearing are from American Eagle. I bought them a few years ago (probably during their BOGO 50% off sale). The shorts are super comfortable and stretchy! I like the fringe on them, too. It gives them a nice casual look. I have always loved American Eagle denim. Clearly they always hold up nicely.

If you look closely, you’ll see that I’m wearing some bracelets. Those are Erimish bracelets. Let me just say that they are my FAVORITE accessory! You can purchase them individually or in sets. Most boutiques have them since they are so popular right now. Aqua B Boutique that I mentioned before, has a HUGE variety of them and you can buy them for $8 a piece or $35 for a set of 5. I always stock up on new colors!

My purse was a present, but it is Michael Kors. I am in love with it!



Please note – the amazing photographer behind these photos is my sweet boyfriend! He’s a keeper for putting up with me and my photoshoots.


Well thanks for reading, y’all! If you have any questions, please feel to contact me or leave a comment! Have a blessed day!



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